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Welcome Stonker, Future of DeFi is here

Stonks is a modular, decentralised, multi-chain cryptocurrency trading platform with its utility token Stonks. In its core the app will offer options for cryptocurrencies based on nobel award Black-Scholes model. The user app will also offer features known from the largest centralised exchanges: live candlestick chart, limit orders, portfolio overview, trades list, automated trading (e.g. sniper bot) and more.

The Platform

Incoming dApp for trading options on crypto


The app and token will work on ETH, BSC, Cronos and many others blockchains.

4% Reflections

4% of all transactions is distributed to STONK's holders

3% Marketing fee

3% fee is allocated to marketing

3% Liquidity tax

3% is added to a liquidity pool to generate an ever-rising price floor


Stonks EVM compatible contract audit


Making money in the cryptocurrency market is based on predicting the future, and the Stonks platform is designed to facilitate this. STONKS is a symbol of free financial decisions (you do not always need to be professional, you have a fundamental right to be wrong).

First stage

We will release a dApp which will allow you to set stop loss & take profit orders on PancakeSwap, Uniswap and many more DEX protocols

Second stage

We will implement completely new in the world of crypto derivatives (crypto options). Options provide a whole new way to make money on cryptocurrencies - on dips, rises and even when the market is in a period of low volatility. There are two types of options - call and put options. A call option represents the right to buy a cryptocurrency at the strike price on the option expiry date. The buyer of the call option assumes that the price of the asset will rise. A put option is the opposite of a call option - it represents the right to sell the cryptocurrency at the strike price on the expiry date. So the buyer in this scenario assumes that the price of the underlying cryptocurrency will fall.

Third stage

The stage described above will be followed by the implementation of a full, decentralised and anonymous prediction market where you can also bet on the outcome of real world events. The final target is to create a decentralized prediction market where you can bet your crypto on future outcomes. You will be able to put a wager on a variety of events chosen by you - economical (stock prices and indexes), along with political and sport outcomes.

Stonk app

The future of Stonk dApp ecosystem on PancakeSwap & Uniswap.

Stop loss & Take profit
Set stop loss or take profit orders.

Make a passive income from holding STONKs.

Snipe Bot
Be ahead of everyone when new projects are launched.

Decentralized predition market
Create your own Las Vegas!

Coin listing website

With detailed information about each coin, charts and customizable sections. The planned launch of the website is in Q2/Q3 2022.


We pursue our goals relentlessly, getting closer to success

Q2 2022

  1. Presale
  2. 500 holders
  3. Building development team

Q3 2022

  1. Take profit & Stop loss beta App live on Mainnet on BSC
  2. Stonks Token on Cronos launch
  3. Sniper bot on stonks app

Q4 2022

  1. Options for crypto module on stonks app
  2. Stonks app on ETH blockchain
  3. Stonks token on ETH blockchain

Stonks team

The team of 10+ members, made up of 3 devs and 5 media managers




General manager




Media manager,




Media manager,




General developer,
Stonk app developer




Web developer,
meme creator


Yolo Doggins

Yolo Doggins

Stonk app developer




Meme god




Media manager,




Graphics designer,
media manager




Media manager,
community outreach




Community manager


Meme Man

We bailed him out
of Bogdanoff's prison

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