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Stonks platform is a modular, decentralised, multi-chain cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform with its utility token Stonks. In its core the app will offer options for cryptocurrencies based on nobel award Black-Scholes model. The user app will also offer features known from the largest centralised exchanges: live candlestick chart, limit orders, portfolio overview, trades list, automated trading (e.g. sniper bot) and more.

The Platform

Incoming dApp for trading derivates on crypto


The app and token will work on ETH, BSC and many others blockchains.


The platform operates in a decentralised manner and option pricing is done autonomously, based on the Black-Scholas model

Option Seller

Immediate profit payout for order creation

Liquidity provider

High yield generation for bulk, automatic buying of options

Option buyer

Earn on crypto rises and dips


Making money in the cryptocurrency market (actually in any financial) is based on predicting the future, and the Stonks platform is designed to facilitate this. The main goal is to create a decentralised platform where users can bet among themselves on the outcome of future events on the financial markets. The way to achieve this goal is to create a unique in DeFi world cryptocurrency options trading system.

How it works

The option seller deposits cryptocurrency (or stablecoin equivalent) into the liquidity pool for which he is immediately rewarded. The value of the reward is calculated based on the Black-Scholes model. The seller chooses whether to create a sell or buy option. From the user interface, it looks like the seller chooses whether he "bets" that the crypto will not fall or rise above a level he specifies within a time frame he specifies. If the seller is right, he receives his deposit back after his specified time. If the seller is wrong, he only receives the difference between the price of the underlying at the time the option was created and the time of exercise.

The liquidity pool makes money if the sellers are wrong in their predictions - it is a de facto buyer of options. In addition, the liquidity pool sells options to users who want to buy them at a price higher than the option value - in this case it earns a spread by delegating the risk that sellers are right to users who buy options. Liquidity providers reap dividends from the pool's profits in proportion to their share in providing liquidity.


We pursue our goals relentlessly, getting closer to success

Q3 2022

  1. Options protocol
  2. 5 developers in the Stonks team

Q4 2022

  1. Stonks at Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai and at other industry conferences
  2. Stonks Platform & Token on Ethereum launch
  3. Stonks Bridge

Q1 2023

  1. Fiat-Crypto gateway on Stonks Platform
  2. Chainlink oracle integration

Stonks team

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